Media buying, planning and strategy at its finest.

Have you ever employed a large media agency only to discover they didn’t use their best staff because your budget was “too small”?

Perhaps you tried using a small agency and, even after a period of “relationship building”, you realised there was no real strategy in place?

Or maybe, you have been purchasing your own media directly and just don’t have the time anymore to manage it as well as it could be.

We can help.

  • Media Buying, Planning and Strategy
  • Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Custom Built Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis

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Hard retail is not dead.

The problem is a common one, a traditional retailer with existing marketing spend needs to get incremental sales growth without spending any more money. Our approach? Do more of what is working and less of what is not. Sounds simple right?

Check out the video to see how we did it.

Don’t forget the branding.

How do you make a traditional spots and dots campaign grow into a beautiful, relevant media plan? With hard work, that’s how.

We benchmarked last year’s audience then negotiated hard (but fairly) with the media suppliers to secure better deals. With the left over budget we set about getting the brand out there.

Watch this Seasol video to see how we made a positive impact on brand awareness.