Catch Up & Connected TV-High Performance Campaigns

Catch Up and Connected TV

We all know the media landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. However, Digital and TV marketing aren’t as estranged as you might think.

Catch Up TV is the convenient option for consumers; the ability to watch it when and where they want, on their mobile or at home is a huge advantage. It’s often watched with friends and family, with 73% saying they watch with others and 55% of those prefer it on the wall than in their hand. Advertisements promote conversation with family and friends, which fuels brand awareness and an emotional connection.

The use of connected and catch up TV enables us to get our ads in front of consumers when they’re ready to watch. Unlike traditional TV ads, we can target your Catch Up TV ads by postcode, user demographics and interests.

It is for this reason that Connected & Catch up TV makes it into many of our media plans. The ability to present our message on the big screen of the house in an efficient, relevant and targeted manner gives excellent results for many clients.

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