Catch Up and Connected TV Advertising


Also known as Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD), is quickly becoming a profitable advertising option for advertisers. BVOD allows companies to target their audience as they watch TV meaning that you can find more customers in your demographic than ever before.

Catch Up TV is a convenient option for consumers; the ability to watch it when and where they want, on their mobile or at home is a huge advantage.

The use of connected and catch up TV enables us to get our ads in front of consumers when they’re ready to watch. Unlike traditional TV ads, we can target your Catch Up TV ads by postcode, user demographics and interests.

It is for this reason that Connected & Catch up TV makes it into many of our media plans. The ability to present our message on the big screen of the house in an efficient, relevant and targeted manner gives excellent results for many clients.

MK Media partners with all major TV networks and has access to some of the best OTT inventory currently available.

Linear TV

Catch up TV advertising works well in conjunction with linear TV. The traditional linear tv can be a cost-effective way of marketing your services to over a million people at once, giving significant broad reach. BVOD on the smart tv can help build frequency with a specific targeted audience, giving the overall campaign better Reach and Frequency metrics than either method alone.



Streaming TV shows and movies at a time convenient for you.

Yes, but the way in which you buy it has changed dramatically.

Yes, it is just another acronym. Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD) refers to TV and movies streamed through the internet.

Connected TV specifically refers to the big screen in the house, rather than devices or laptops.

CTV Advertising is serving ads to a Connected TV (CTV). Connected simply implies being connected to the internet.

Video content served to your audience on their favourite device like Apple TV allows your audience to consume your creative message at the right time while watching the premium content they love. Data and measurement give us key insight into how the targeting of your campaigns is performing on each platform.

Viewers tune in to watch free content every week on smart TV’s. If your media strategy calls for an engaged audience on television, the good news is our media agency is well-positioned to help you reach this uniquely Australian audience.

Brands and businesses who want to spend on future-proofing their campaigns would do well to ensure their audiences consumption of media over digital platforms is built into their media plans.

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