Profitable Direct Response TV Campaigns (DRTV)

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Direct Response TV (DRTV) is television-based advertising that persuades viewers to take immediate action. This type of advertisement can be found in infomercials or commercials and encourages people to contact them for more information about their product or service over the phone, through an online website, social media etc.

DRTV often works best as part of an integrated multi-media campaign that combines different advertisements into one cohesive message with a focused goal – like selling you something!

MK Media has particular expertise in direct response TV advertising campaigns. We spend millions every year on morning show advertorials (infomercials) and fringe programming to deliver the most cost-effective media placements possible.

Each company is different and requires a slightly different approach but the underlying principles to direct response marketing never change. If you are looking for instant, measurable, same-day sales results, contact us today to discuss how to help you achieve this.

What is a direct response channel? Any media that can elicit an action from the viewer.

Do infomercials still work? Yes, long-form and short-form DRTV campaigns can provide brands with real-time ROI.

What are the two major forms of direct response television? Long-Form Infomercial and short-form hard sell TVCs.

TV commercials that hit your target audience with a call to action can create industry-leading awareness, lead generation and purchase success for your brand. Our agency services for advertisers include commercial advice, data analytics and media buying.

Get your companies potential consumers to convert into leads using mass reach and frequency while driving costs down. The best marketers use creative video ads that articulate consumer benefits in a way that suits the medium.

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