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Keeping up to date with all of the industry-standard systems, tools, and research is paramount to an agency's success, and we’ve got it.

Our insights help us to recognise the buying trends of our client’s current and potential customers so we can build a marketing approach that connects with the consumer, in turn, pushing higher sales, conversions or brand awareness.

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What sets us apart is our partnership with attribution best practice data partner Leads RX.

We have worked with Leads RX to bring their best practice customer attribution model to Australia, building data capabilities to track customers broadcast media habits. Customizing this down to local Australian media markets has enabled us to map traditional and digital media customer purchase cycles. We have exclusive insight into exactly how long the customer's journey is, the crucial moments within the journey, and the type of advertisements consumers connect with.

Every business is different, and the attribution needs are too. We set up customised measuring and methodology systems to map your specific customer journey from brand exposure to purchase.

Attribution is truly a partnership between client and agency. The more data and insight we can share, the better the results will be. We understand some clients by nature are unable to share a lot of customer data, in which case we use other marketing and website information to understand how people interact with your business.

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Who wouldn’t want to take an existing media spend, cut out the poor performing parts and replace them with data-driven approaches that work?

Many clients see a 30% increase in marketing efficiency after three months of attribution modelling.

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At MK Media, we take a long-term approach to working with our clients; we grow together.