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At MK Media, we’re a tight-knit team of committed & passionate media professionals who deliver fast and consistent results. We provide all styles of traditional and digital marketing to our clients across a variety of industries. We value innovative, creative thinkers who strive to continuously push the industry benchmark in the digital and media marketing landscape. Here at MK, we encourage leadership in all positions and value your personal growth as much as your professional evolution.


Account Manager in Abbotsford, Melbourne


Job description


MK Media is looking for an experienced Account Manager to join our creative team of media professionals.


As our newest Account Manager, you’ll be serving a fundamental role of plotting the course of action across a range of accounts. The successful candidate will be involved in the strategic direction and take responsibility for client and colleague guidance alike.


Who we’re looking for

  • 3+ years Account Management experience.

  • Tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Media or other relevant fields.

  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills.

  • Experience developing and implementing digital and traditional media campaigns.


What your day-to-day looks like

  • Client management.

  • Analysing results and making recommendations.

  • Briefing media and stakeholders.

  • Updating clients on campaign performance.


If this sounds like a good fit, email your resume and cover letter to:


Account Executive in Abbotsford, Melbourne


Job description


MK Media is looking for an experienced Account Executive to join our creative team of media professionals.


Our ideal candidate will be a driven individual who isn’t afraid to take initiative and push the boundaries. Reporting to the Senior Account Manager, you will be assisting the team with a range of client-related research, reporting and media buying tasks.


Who we’re looking for

  • 12+ months experience in comparable role. (Media or Agency side)

  • Proficiency in Microsoft suite software. BMD Experience an advantage but not necessary.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills

  • Creative and innovative thinker


What your day-to-day looks like

  • Analyse and monitor client accounts with your Account Manager.

  • Provide support to ensure client campaigns are executed to the highest level.

  • Invoicing and general administrative client tasks

  • Developing and updating media plans


If you think this sounds like a good fit, email your resume and cover letter to:

Media Agency Careers

A career in a media agency is effectively a career that sits between the advertising and creative space. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that involves buying and negotiating ‘media space’, developing advertising strategies, cultivating consumer insights and being two steps ahead of the trends.


The opportunities agencies offer compared to working client side are unrivalled. Working for a range of clients over a range of industries means you’re constantly drilling down on your skills to offer new and creative ways to put your client on the map. You’re able to network with cool, creative people from all industries, experiment & discover new ways of doing things and, in most cases, you’re given the opportunity to uncover your specialty. The best part, usually you’re working for a number of clients which means a number of wins for you. You’re rewarded on your honest opinions and hard work which is a great feeling.


Agencies want to invest in their staff. Agencies recognise that creating an environment that fosters productive, informed staff who have the tools to deliver on-trend, innovative work is in theirs, and the client’s best interest. If you work for an agency, chances are you’re up to date in the new tech and creative processes within your field.

Media Agency Entry Level Jobs

Media agency entry level jobs are generally pretty specific with a low level of responsibility which means you’ll probably get really good at a pretty essential task. It can be benign, but entry level jobs are just that; they enter you into your desired market and are designed to propel you into bigger and better things that the company finds valuable.

If you have a media or marketing qualification, you’re equipped to advise and negotiate, present key data over many platforms like TV or social media and communicate to and find the right audiences. These skills mean you’re high in demand for a number of media and marketing roles so finding the right pathway can be an exciting but daunting task. Just remember we’re in the 21st century now and you will never be stuck in one role, take time to dip your toes into as many different tasks as you can while you’re starting out.

Common media agency entry level jobs look like:

  • Digital/ Social media assistant: Manage and monitor digital platforms to generate leads, brand awareness and traffic.

  • Receptionist/ Media assistant: Manage administrative tasks for clients and colleagues like presentation editing, bookings, event planning and client liaising.

  • Planning and trading assistant: Plan, buy and organise media placements for clients.

  • Copywriter: Writing advertising copy for different media platforms; Facebook, Google, Website etc.

Media Agency Internships

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to have 3 years’ experience in marketing when you’ve been studying it for the past 4 years.

Interning is a unique opportunity that gives you real-world experience while learning the essential skills. The opportunity to be in front of industry professionals while you’re still learning is probably the most valuable tool you’ll receive as a young professional. Acquiring a media agency internship will give you the ability to deep dive into the behind-the-scenes activities of how & why a brand advertises to its consumers, how consumers interact with ads and how to interpret the data.

It’s important to remember you get out what you put in, especially in a media agency where things happen quickly and out of the blue. If there’s ever a time to come out of your shell and be confident but not arrogant, inquisitive but not pestering, it’s when you’re interning. Take notes of your time as a media agency intern, expand your network and put in the hard yards. Having an internship on your resume is highly favoured by employers, especially in fast-paced marketing industries where a basic understanding and some level of experience is crucial.

MK Media takes on two interns per year to work across digital and traditional media.


To register your interest in an internship and learn more, email us at with your preferred length and dates of internship.