Media Agency vs. Creative Advertising


Media vs. Creative Advertising – What You Need To Know

Advertising, Creative and Media agencies blending into one big marketing bubble?

Having trouble explaining what you do to a family member?

You can’t have one without the other, yet, they’re almost always separate entities so time to inform yourself, your colleagues & prepare yourself for the next family gathering.

In the beginning, Advertising, Creative and Media buying sat under one big marketing umbrella and typically within one company. However, with the boom of TV and the vast, world wide web came the redefining of traditional and digital media roles. Media positions became as significant as their creative counterparts and required their own structure and skillset.

Creative Agency

Creative agencies, also commonly referred to as Advertising agencies, produce the advertisements by designing everything from what your advertisement will look like, how it will sound and generally how your brand is conveyed and marketed, creatively.

They provide the building blocks of convincing, influencing and attracting the consumer through content writing, visuals and sound. From TV ad commercials, targeted social media pop ups and everything in between, these guys develop your branding message.

Media Agency

Media agencies strategically book, buy and place your ads in front of the right people at the right time. Media agencies work with Traditional media such as television and radio or Digital media which is ‘screen-based’. At MK Media, we work with both to give our clients an overall creative, strategic and technical plan based off results-driven data.

From billboard placements to social media shopping campaigns, we reach our clients target audience to initiate a buy through all platforms. Media agencies have industry connections that qualify us to negotiate the best discounts and placements for our clients like nobody else can. Think of us as your marketing investment planner.