Media Measurement & Post Campaign Reporting

Media Measurement

Ensuring that what was bought was delivered is one of the most essentials tasks we undertake. Using 3rd party tracking and tools, we hold all media, digital and traditional, to account to ensure our clients receive maximum value.

Post Campaign Reporting (PCR)

It’s a critical part of any advertising campaign. The media planner must decide how to evaluate the effectiveness of their media plan and make adjustments before running the subsequent campaign.

Our PCA reports are one of the most valuable pieces of work we present to our clients. We take them very seriously and strive for the highest standards.

To us, the work starts when we write a campaign report and take a critical and analytical view of what worked and what didn’t; most importantly, to create recommendations for future campaigns.

Some people view a campaign report as an opportunity to show how well they did.

To us, a campaign report is an opportunity to show how we can do better every time.

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