Media vs. Digital Agency


Media vs. Digital Agency – What You Need To Know

If a business has the ‘Media Agency’ title, it’s assumed they work with traditional media buying. If they’re living in the present, they work with both digital and traditional marketing.

If a business has the ‘Digital Agency’ title, it’s assumed they don’t work with traditional media. This isn’t to say they’re better at digital marketing, it’s just their specific line of expertise.

Media agencies have a leg up in that they’re able to draw in on their data from traditional media platforms such as Catch Up TV, Connected TV, BVOD, RVODT and Radio and use it as additional knowledge and customer database.

Contrary to popular belief, sitting down to watch TV with your family is still a popular Australian pastime across all generations. A whopping 82.6% of us Aussies watch free-to-air and subscription channels according to a 2017 report by Nielsen.

Both live and on-demand BVOD consumption has gone up 29.3% over the past 6 months across all demographics, with 99% of us having high def TV sets according to a 2020 Penetration & Usage report by ThinkTV.

Depending on what you’re marketing, it can be beneficial to branch out from digital sometimes – you might find an extremely engaged audience that isn’t on Facebook. According to ThinkTV’s report ‘TV Usage – 2019’, our ageing population is taking the cake when it comes to watching live TV with the over sixty-fives watching an average of 127 hours a month per 19 people.