Best Practice Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

Our Methodology

A great media plan is not the sum of its parts.


It’s more than that.


It’s a moving beast that can change the fortunes of businesses and people alike.


At MK, our campaigns built with attribution in mind. Together, we establish the most valuable and essential metrics and business goals you’re striving for and outline the framework of our approach and technology needed to measure these goals.


We provide a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of your previous marketing results to find hidden data clues, overlooked audiences, how weather impacts your sales – the ‘Aha’ moments that a fresh set of eyes can see.


We implement the latest digital best practices and media opportunities in our strategy so that our clients get cutting-edge media plans that are straightforward and actionable.


After the strategy comes the action. Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry in both traditional and digital media planning and buying.



We’re able to gain insights from Traditional & Digital media via our media attribution software. This system feeds us real-time intelligence into exactly which TV spots are driving sales, who’s watching what, the length of their purchase journey and rate of re-purchase.



These methods allow us to turn a good media plan into a great media plan. By continually watching over the campaign, we’re able to move and adapt and remove any irrelevant placements, leaving us with the best of what works. Ultimately, this leaves you with agile and efficient marketing execution.


Once we have found the golden benchmark for media spend and performance, you either pocket the profit or, now that we have the figures down pat, reinvest into what’s already working and exponentially grow your bottom line.


Although the numbers and ratios may change, at its core marketing is spending a dollar to make two.


At MK Media, we take a long-term approach to working with our clients; we grow together.