Programmatic Video Advertising

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MK Media uses the latest targeting and reporting technology to build programmatic video advertising campaigns for our clients.

Programmatic video ads are shown in front of consumers at just the right time, with personalized messages based on what they may be looking for or interested in seeing. This way brands can create more brand loyalty by making customers feel special, seen and valued!

As an independent agency, we are not tied to one media network or supplier. This means we fight for the best possible placements for your brand and do everything we can to keep your ads safe from harmful environments.

What is programmatic video advertising?

In programmatic video advertising, an algorithm finds ideal viewers for each advertiser and then allows the ad to be placed in front of those selected viewers.

For instance, if a program considers all the data it has collected about a viewer and finds that they are most likely to buy winter coats, then the program will go ahead and place ads for winter coats in front of that viewer.

The campaign will follow a set procedure. First, it will take all of the data gathered about the viewers then look at how those viewers have interacted with programmatic video advertising in the past. Then it will gather up all of that information along with any programmatic video data it can find about them from other sources on the web and run an algorithm based on that data to determine where your ad would serve you best.

Why should you care about programmatic video advertising?

Programmatic video is a cost-effective way to reach your audience. It should be considered as one tactic in a wider customer acquisition strategy, not a stand-alone medium.

The team at MK Media are here to assist with any questions you may have about programmatic video ads. Contact us today to see if it is the right fit for your ad campaign.

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