Business-driven Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Paid Social Media Marketing

Anyone with an Internet connection can be a Facebook Ads Guru. To be a true professional at social media advertising, you need to understand what the trends are, which platforms your target audiences hang out on, how they use it and why to be able to communicate to them effectively on there.

We have tested and tested again using third-party attribution software to show what’s working and where It’s working within the customer life cycle. Many social media platforms report in silos. Our social media campaigns report across multiple networks are all held to the same truth.

We use the agreed-upon metric goals to measure the process, generate sales, grow your customer base and increase engagement and traffic to your brick and mortar or online store.

Social media enables us to gain a deeper understanding of those who interact with your business. We’re able to map out your target audience as much as possible by gaining demographic, their interests and habits.

Competitor analysis is relatively easy on Social Media. We’re able to see how they interact with their customer base, how they position themselves and how we’re able to differentiate our clients. We also use online tools to determine who’s our closest competitor and who isn’t. This knowledge makes it easy to create a unique strategy that makes your brand stand out from the crowd and offer a Unique Selling proposition.

At MK Media, we’re all qualified marketers so, creating Social Media marketing content is second nature to us. We know how to captures the consumer's attention, how to ensure a smooth checkout process and what kind of content pushes sales.

We carefully measure our data against the relevant metrics to overtly listen to your target audience and determine where more money is needed and what we can divert time and resources. These insights are priceless and we out in the time to get to the bottom of them.


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At MK Media, we take a long-term approach to working with our clients; we grow together.