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What we can do

It doesn’t matter if you want social media marketing strategies to drive leads and sales, products and services or just get more people to read your blog content. We can do it all. Get in touch with MK Media today to discuss what social strategy and success could look like for your business.

Anyone with an internet connection can be a Facebook Ads Guru. Yet, to be a true professional at social media advertising, you need to understand the trends, which platforms your target audiences hang out on, how they use them and why.

Our team has tested and tried several third-party tracking software to measure the efficiency of our campaigns. Many social media platforms have a silo product or function that only reports data from within the platform, but we use a centralised platform to not miss out on valuable information.

Our social media managers use the agreed-upon metric goals to measure the process, generate sales, grow your customer base and increase engagement and traffic to your brick and mortar or online store.

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis is a relatively easy area of social media management. We can see how they interact with their customer base, how they position themselves and how we can differentiate. We also use online tools to determine who’s our closest competitor and who isn’t. This knowledge makes it easy to create a unique strategy that makes your brand stand out from the crowd and offer a Unique Selling proposition.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

At MK Media, we’re all qualified marketers so, creating Social Media marketing content is second nature to us. We know how to capture the consumer’s attention, ensure a smooth checkout process, and what kind of content pushes sales.

We carefully measure our data against the relevant metrics to overtly listen to your target audience and determine where more money is needed and what we can divert time and resources. These insights are priceless, and we put in the time to get to the bottom of them.

Social Media Platforms

This list constantly changes. For now, we are seeing most of our campaign work going into these social media channels;

  1. Facebook Advertising: the OG of social channels. Referred to internally as the swiss army knife of social media, we can do almost anything with the platform. Facebook ads are a great way to reach the target audience engagingly and creatively. We can use different advertising objectives, which determine the nature of their ad campaign with its corresponding ads.
  2. Instagram Advertising: Instagram is like a social media gold mine and deserves a place on the social media marketing plan. With the right strategy, you can reach your target audience and convert them into actual customers with relative ease. We can use Instagram’s video features for increased engagement rates that can help drive sales through the roof!
  3. Linkedin Advertising: LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity to find and target people while they are in “professional” mode. It excels at B2B marketing to generate leads.  Interestingly we also find there are solid results for some consumer brands looking to reach professionals. It also works well when you need users to focus on long form content like blog posts.
  4. TikTok Advertising: The wild child of the bunch. The type of content used is so important with this channel. This younger user base can smell a fake a mile away and are not interested in ads. For the right brand, with the right creative, a golden opportunity.
  5. YouTube Advertising: Unrivalled for video reach, YouTube is an excellent tool to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Part social media, content discovery, and search engine, this tool swings the needle in any social media strategy.

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